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Customer Testimonials


Randolph County Emergency Services

May 8, 2013   /  Jeremy L. Hunt

I wanted to Thank Amerizon and Motorola for having team members such as Brandon on your staff and by having knowledgeable technicians associated with you company reassures my agency's commitment to the Motorola Product Line.


Marina Korniyenko

February 7, 2013   /   Red Square Workforce

Dean from Amerizon Wireless was great to work with when I placed an order from him for Two-Way Radios for a construction jobsite for a Project my company is performing now. He was very knowledgeable and very helpful.


Texas A&M University

January 10, 2013   /   Stephanie Schubert

I was purchasing additional radios for our school and Dean at Amerizon was VERY helpful in making sure I get the right ones, giving me a great price and making sure they were programmed to work together with the ones I already purchased! Great and easy transaction!.