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Ray Pache, Senior Sales and Channel Executive with Infinity (a distribution partner of Nokia), and Infinity’s Sachin Biradar, Senior Solutions Architect, Private Wireless Networks, host a webinar that offers insight into Nokia’s Digital Automation Cloud (NDAC).

The journey from 3.0 to 4.0 is in full swing. While 3.0 may cover consumer needs such as smartphones, e-commerce, and social media use, 4.0 manages multiple applications with low latency and high performance that delivers:

  • Increased productivity and economic value,
  • Efficiency with process automation,
  • Increased agility to meet quickly changing requirements,
  • More accurate business decision-making via intelligent insights,
  • Increased worker safety and productivity, and
  • Sustainability and lowered environmental impact.

And 4.0 does all this while maintaining asset-heavy industries’ “must-have” communication needs. 

Industry experts estimate that 90% of today’s data within organizations is not yet organized and collected, creating a large information gap, missed opportunities, lack of efficiency, and increased expenses. Enterprise private wireless solutions can address this need, offering the ability to connect anything, anywhere with secure networks without the challenges of expense and lack of mobility and flexibility in wired solutions. 

LTE/4.9G: Designed for Mission Critical Communications

The LTE/4.9G offers users:

Wide and deep coverage,
Military-grade security,
One network for all apps,
Predictable performance to provide data for future decision making, and
High-speed mobility.

Nokia Digital Automation Cloud

Known as NDAC, the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud brings a complete 5G-ready private wireless solution that meets industrial connectivity application requirements for 4.0 needs now. It’s a centralized management platform that allows customers to continue to add access points as they grow.


Private Wireless LTE advantages of NDAC include:

Ease of connecting all assets
Ability to create and manage multi-local networks with full control
Low latency and proven security
High reliability with proven 4G/5G radio technology
Wide and deep coverage
Dependable QoS management
Up and down scalability

Evolution to 5G will bring:

Ultra-low, millisecond latency
Increased capacity
Higher peak bitrates

Configuration of NDAC

NDAC is simple and easy to deploy. You can scale to multi-local indoor and outdoor industry sites while keeping full control via a management app and a dedicated network. Plus, your data stays local even in cloud architecture. 


NDAC serves vertical-specific blueprints everywhere. Our customers are asking for reliable connectivity beyond WiFi in the areas of:

Public Safety

NDAC is plug-and-play with 5G SA that is deployed to edge clouds and can be upgraded with SW only. Customers can upgrade from 4G via 5G SA or directly to full 5G SA. This allows users to scale as needed with a variety of radio technology.

The NDAC platform brings local computing power, connectivity, and applications via:

Edge core--simple servers that provide connection for wireless access points
Access points/radios--offer all-in-one or distributed access points
Subscription--flexible plans with optional services and applications

An NDAC subscription offers:

Global monitoring includes core and OSS (FM, PM, CM)
Access to NDAC self-service web portal for network admin, site planning, and dimensioning
Customer-specific web portal for automated SW maintenance and feature updates
Includes SW feature access during the contract period and an “all-you-can-eat” capacity
Access to private wireless network cloud service with plug-and-play deployment for timely and lowest cost implementation
Central security with built-in security mechanism to keep business-critical data within premises
NDAC edge high availability with API to 3rd party applications (such as account and billing API support)

NDAC Cloud Service Offering

Nokia brings a host of service offerings to ensure you are never without resources. These include:

Planning and dimensioning support (site visit, radion planning, network planning)
Network integration (support and configuration services)
Installation support (radio and edge installation and commissioning)
Operations (technical support, SLAs, training, network operations center)
Standard solution with preconfigured units
Customer self-installation
Customer configuration and management of the network through NDAC web portal

NDAC also includes an O&M toolbox, delivering a set of tools for different needs for easy network configuration, and a customer web portal for IP configurations, SIM management, individual user performance, and basic troubleshooting. Additionally, NDAC offers partners a web portal that assists with software management, configuration management, hardware resource management, and user management.


NDAC comes with a wide variety of spectrum options. Depending on the business case, users can choose licensed through partnerships, leverage license/unlicensed, and shared.

Edge Computer

Nokia has a wide variety of offerings to match the on-premise needs of the client, from small to medium and medium-plus to large and large GR HA.

Access Points

Nokia supports a variety of access points including both indoor and outdoor.


Nokia offers a robust suite of application interfaces that include:

3rd party applications and IoT stacks
Nokia group communications, NDAC VoIP, NDAC team comms
NDAC connected video analytics
NDAC high-accuracy indoor positioning
Nokia drone networks
Industrial protocols

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