Major global events are changing the world we live in, and Nokia is working with public safety authorities across the globe to roll out solutions to keep people safe. Nokia’s solutions bring new levels of intelligence, responsiveness, and efficiency to public safety operations. They support faster emergency response with networks that allow for:

  •   Enhanced event detection with multimedia calls, sensors, and cameras
  •   Improved situational awareness with advanced analytics
  •   Integrated command and control centers that make it easy for first responders to collaborate and share information

Mobile Broadband Transformation
The public safety community has long called for mobile broadband to support its mission to save lives. With the adoption of LTE mobile broadband technology, public safety networks can benefit from the advantages of fast and reliable broadband data and real-time video services, opening up new communications possibilities for rescue missions and disaster recovery situations.

Nokia LTE for Public Safety

Today, most public safety networks still rely on legacy technologies that limit first responder communications to voice channels with very restricted data capabilities. With the adoption of LTE mobile broadband technology, public safety networks can benefit from the advantages of fast and reliable data communications. With LTE, public safety networks can deliver real-time video and data services that greatly enhance situational awareness and response time in emergencies when every second counts.

Critical Communications

Cameras attached to first responders or drones give the emergency command center a real-time view of the accident scene. This allows them to visually assess the situation and identify the need for additional units or resources. And with secured group communications, first responders can also use a real-time push-to-video feed to plan and coordinate their efforts. For key services, like mission-critical voice and data communications, LTE’s advanced quality of service parameters ensure that critical communications users always get priority and a high-quality connection.

Rapidly Deployable, Compact LTE Solutions

For network extension in rural, remote, or disaster areas and when additional capacity is needed, rapidly deployable, compact LTE solutions can be used to create instant broadband connectivity. Such lightweight LTE systems can be carried in a backpack, airborne in a drone or a tethered balloon, or installed in an emergency vehicle.

Biovital Monitoring Instant Telemetry

An LTE connection allows unit commanders to remotely monitor the biovital signs of first responders in demanding working conditions. It also gives first responders the ability to send critical patient information to the ER before arriving at the hospital, improving decision-making in life threatening situations. 

Emergency and Disaster Management

When emergencies arise or disaster strikes, every second counts. A faster response means a lower impact for everyone. Nokia’s solutions enable public safety authorities to use smart broadband networks, IoT, and analytics to improve situational awareness and detect and respond to incidents faster.

Solutions for Public Safety Authorities

We provide solutions that help public safety authorities modernize emergency call and alert management infrastructures so they can predict and detect incidents faster and provide better information to first responders and citizens. Our portfolio includes:

  •   IP-based ESInet infrastructure and next-generation emergency call routing that supports multimedia and location information
  •   An Integrated Operations Center solution that helps authorities use real-time analytics, decision automation, and cross-agency cooperation to identify and resolve incidents faster
  •   An end-to-end Public Warning System solution that enables authorities to send real-time, geo-targeted alerts to at-risk populations


Solutions for First Responders

We also offer solutions that help first responders act faster and more efficiently in emergency situations. These solutions include:

  •   A deployable LTE/5G system that guarantees broadband communication services whenever and wherever they are needed 
  •   Drone Networks, a complete aerial insight solution that uses connected drones to enhance situational awareness
  •   Group Communications, which brings mission-critical multimedia PTx communications to the frontline

Innovations for Public Safety and Health

Nokia is working across the globe to innovate and improve emergency response and public safety in a rapidly changing world. Here are some examples of how Nokia is developing new solutions to help the world become a safer place.

Access and Crowd Health Protection

In response to a global pandemic, Nokia has a solution that provides automated identification and triage for government buildings. Analytics detect body temperature, coughing symptoms, and even whether masks are being worn to ensure that sanitary measures are enforced.

Temporary LTE Networks for Field Hospitals

COVID-19 has also highlighted the need for temporary field hospitals that can be rapidly deployed to address a sudden increase in patients. Nokia’s LTE solutions provide rapid connectivity that link staff to medical equipment in the most critical situations.  

Connected Ambulance

In Dubai, Nokia is developing the concept of a connected ambulance in which 360 degree cameras and virtual reality goggles enable doctors to perform a remote diagnosis and monitor bio-vital signs.

Automatic Early Fire Detection

Nokia has also supplied firefighters in a European country with drones to provide comprehensive live information that helps effectively tackle fires. As for fires in urban areas, in Dubai, Nokia is leveraging remotely connected fire detectors used in buildings which can immediately detect incidents and alert an emergency center.

Air-to-Ground Visuals

In the UK, Nokia’s LTE networks links aircraft with field teams, providing those on the ground with the benefit of a helicopter’s aerial view. 

Public Warning Systems

Nokia provided public warning systems to send geo-targeted, real-time alerts to the mobile phones of populations at risk, warning them of imminent danger.

Scene Analytics

Nokia is developing the use of microphone and CCTV sensors alongside analytics to help identify human or drug trafficking. 

Managing Climate Change Impact

Climate change is another ongoing challenge to the world’s status quo. Sendai is a city in Japan that is renowned for its hard-earned resilience to natural disasters.  Nokia has teamed up with city officials there to test drones that alert locals on incoming tsunamis, help find earthquake survivors, and guide people to the nearest evacuation sites. 

LTE for Coastal Surveillance and Safety

Coastal operation and surveillance have come under particular pressure, and Nokia provides seashore, long-range broadband coverage while equipping coast guard ships with their own onboard broadband LTE communication system.

Helping Public Safety Cope with the New Migratory Phenomenon
Climate change has already contributed to an acceleration in global migration.  Public safety authorities are dependent on the technology that Nokia provides to help manage the inherent challenges.

Making Public Safety Safer for Us All

Mission-critical mobile broadband makes our world a safer place. Nokia helps public safety agencies use broadband networks and digital technologies to improve the effectiveness of first responders, address threats proactively, and make faster, more informed decisions. 

Infinity Specializes in Emergency Response Innovations

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