Several years ago no one would have dreamed of the huge explosion in intelligent grid devices with communication capabilities. Growing numbers of power providers are deploying these devices giving them operational efficiency, flexibility and control. A single converged IP/MPLS network with Nokia products is the best way to support your mission critical network.

Many of the latest grid management devices are moving to IP, however utilities implementing this next generation infrastructure can not use the Internet to communicate command and control messages to the grid. Infinity helps you design a Nokia smart grid network with a reliable IP/MPLS  infrastructure and intelligent sensors throughout the distribution layer. The Nokia IP/MPLS smart grid network has the flexibility to support legacy service while you migrate to new applications. Realizing that the demand is only going to increase in the future with more devices using the network Infinity can help you design a system that allows expansion. All this in a single operating system.

Click here to find out how a Nokia multi-tiered IP/MPLS communications network enables OG&E and its customers across Oklahoma and Arkansas to modulate power demand while increasing efficiency and savings.