Nokia 9500 Microwave Packet Radio

Nokia 9500 Microwave Packet Radio

The Nokia (formerly Alcatel Lucent) 9500 Microwave Packet Radio is the most complete end-to-end packet wireless transmission product available on the market today. The extensive 9500 MPR portfolio includes options for stand alone microwave and integrated microwave solutions with in-house packet optical and IP/MPLS switching and routing offers. The Nokia 5620 Service Aware Manager provides the management portion of the solution simplifying end-to-end operations. The result is faster, longer, more efficient microwave links with more capacity and reliability. This solution addresses the substantial network requirements of today's technology and the increasing needs of future technologies and services. 


Nokia 9500 MPR solutions are a combination of a radio unit or Microwave Packet Transport (MPT) and a networking unit or Microwave Service Switch (MSS). There are several MPT and MSS options available to support split-mount, full mount and full-outdoor configurations in tail, hub and longhaul Packet microwave applications.

All 9500 MPR Microwave Packet Transports (MPT) utilize the same software and technologies regardless of the configuration offering more deployment flexibility, minimizing spares inventory and lowering network TCO. The MPTs support advanced packet compression, hitless high order adaptive modulation, IP along legacy technologies, integrated cross-polarization to double capacity, and N+N hot standby with spatial diversity options. Full-outdoor MPTs can be deployed as a stand-alone unit (as in the case of connecting directly to an LTE eNode B mobile station) or combined with the 9500 MPR Microwave Service Switch (MSS).

The MSS units are energy efficient, scalable and provide flexible deployment with a variety of 


The 9500 MPR solution has many features that make it standout in the market. Components of the 9500 MPR solution use the same technologies, software, network and service management to provide deployment flexibility and streamline processes. The MSS indoor units use both traditional SDH/SONET networking and advanced standards based on ITU-T G.8032v2 Ethernet networking which supports the inherent strengths in ring architectures resulting in a faster, more reliable network.

Using LAG (link aggregation) algorithms uniquely adapted to the microwave environment, a 9500 MPR implementation bonds microwave channels together creating a larger virtual link which is referred to as multichannel. This reduces the number of channels required for a reliable microwave link and optimizes distribution of traffic between channels. In addition the Packet Booster feature utilizes advanced packet compression to increase microwave link efficiency by as much as 300 percent.

These features are unique to the Nokia solutions and can be deployed in combination or independently. Together they will provide faster, longer and more efficient links with advanced 50 ms failover protection for all services.


Nokia 9500 MPR Flexible Deployment Options